Author Karen Smith

“When we need to make a change in ourselves or in the world, we start with love. Love gives us not only the ability to see what is right or wrong, but also gives us the heart and soul to make the change that is needed, with God’s love in our midst.”

~Reflections from God
365 Bible Verses for Every Day of the Year

My love of the Bible started in my mid-twenties when I participated in a five-year course through an organization called Bible Study Fellowship, which explored different books of the Bible. I immensely enjoyed reading for the course—and at the same time, I found great comfort and peace reading the Bible at night. It quickly became one of my favorite bedside table books. The Bible continues to be a book that guides my days and nights with wisdom, inspiration, and hope.

One day, shortly after starting Bible Study Fellowship, I purchased a small leather notebook with the intention of writing a daily journal. That idea never came to fruition; God had different plans for that leather journal. Another idea came to mind and I started to write down my favorite Bible verses to have and reflect upon, a practice that began eight years ago.

I continued to grow deeply in my faith, getting involved with a contemplative meditation practice called Contemplative Prayer. This practice, derived from ancient monks and inspired by Jesus, calls for followers to sit with God in silence. Contemplative Prayer helps to open and consent to God’s presence and action within us. Consequentially we develop a loving relationship to God and feel God’s Divine love. As I sat in stillness and emptied myself of the cares and distractions of the world, I grew deep in communion with God. It is a wonderful practice, one that has become an important part of my life.

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A few years later, I connected with a woman in my Contemplative Prayer group who taught me a spiritual practice called Lectio Divina. In this practice, one chooses a passage of the Bible and follows with four actions: Read, Reflect, Respond, and Rest.

I welcomed the mornings with a short Bible passage, and I would carry a verse or verses in my heart throughout the day. Some days, a particular incident would illustrate a direct unfolding of the verse; mostly, it was God speaking to me in my heart. I would respond and rest with the passage at night and write down my reflections. It was this ritual that led me to reflect and ultimately write one for every day of the year.

I realized the practice of Contemplative Prayer had opened my heart to God’s love in my inmost being. Lectio Divina had given me a method to reflect upon and hold these verses. As a result of these two practices, my reflections had become a true gift and blessing from God.

It was then I heard God’s quiet whisper in my soul, telling me: “These are not just for you anymore. These need to be shared with others.” It was not just a thought, but a loving command.

The results are Reflections with God.

author karen smith
“The scriptures teach us, guide us, and bless us, for they instruct us how to live, grow, and face challenges in our lives. The words that have come down through the ages teach us not only how to live in this world, but how to thrive in this world. They give us hope, love, and so much more — a true gift from God.”

~Reflections from God