A Daily Christian Devotonal

“God created us with certain skills, talents, and gifts that He intended us to use on this earth. We have a purpose, each one of us, and can make a difference by using what God gave us and how He made us, to contribute and bless the world we live in. We are all special in God’s eyes.”

~Reflections from God
365 Bible Verses for Every Day of the Year

A Daily Christian Devotional

Reflections from God came to me through God so that I may share it with you. These hand-selected verses, used in this daily Christian devotional, and are steeped in traditional values, yet relate to the contemporary world, centered around twelve timeless themes: Love, Joy, Hope, Trust, Faith, Obedience, Humility, Fortitude, Peace, Protection, Knowledge, and Guidance.

Some themes are easier to sit with, like love and joy; others may be more challenging, like fortitude and trust. Reading these Bible verses daily is a way to grow in knowledge and understanding of God’s word; they are a window into God’s heart. However you respond to the verses, open yourself to what God is trying to tell you, and in stillness, you may hear it.

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“We wait for the Lord and our whole being is hopeful. We hope our aspirations are fulfilled, our lives are full of love, and that we live in the joy and wonder of all that God wants for us. Be open to those hopes and dreams, and life-giving moments, and know that God blesses those that hope and wait and believe in Him.”

~Reflections from God: 365 Bible Verses for Every Day of the Year
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God Meets Us Where We Are

We are all simply human, taking this life one day at a time in God’s grace and mercy, and He will meet us where we are in our journey. God gave us these Bible verses so that we may get through the complicated times, whether in our most difficult seasons or our most joyous milestones. Life is beautiful in all its complexity and simplicity, if each day is taken with the Creator of it all.

Reflections from God, a daily Christian devotional, invites you to meet with God daily, wherever you are on your spiritual path.